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Through many long-term tests, we worked towards an optimized solder wave plate configuration.

  • The result was a soldering wave plate that produced a high even wave shaft pressure and at the same time, the turbulences and the flow behavior of the soldering wave on the seize requirements of the mating services were improved.
  • We ensured this through an optimum overlapping of the offset of horizontal rows of holes, in dependence of the chord length to the bore diameter.This supports an even wetting and improves the filling effect of the interlayer connection over the whole solder wave width.
  • The primary material of the perforated strip is resistant to deformation until 850°C and highly resistant in contact with unleaded solder alloys.
  • An additional treatment of the primary material with the further optimized wetting coefficient has an advantageous impact on the movement of the molten solder on the soldering plate and supports additionally positively a level tension on the ground level and the tear-off edge.
  • Less susceptibility against dirt and longer cleaning cycles are as well a result of our quality of the material.